Business + Branding + Lifestyle Strategist for Women in Network Marketing


I wear many different hats, as us extraordinary women often do... 

  • I'm a small town mum to two beautiful kids, Ella & Ronan and our fur baby, Maxie, and I love empowering other Mumma's to lead intentional, soul aligned businesses & lives.

  • I’m a Breakthrough Coach and Certified NLP & Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, helping you overcome obstacles, limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviours and fears to be your BEST YOU!

  • I’m a Brand Strategist and help women in network marketing and online businesses uncover your unique superpowers and BRAND YOU - to show up with authentic style and attract your ideal team/clients without selling your soul!

  • I also support women to start and build your own online business, either as a second income stream, or your main income stream, utilising a ground-breaking automated education and sales platform.


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My mission is to make it as EASY as possible to achieve your goals, to create the income, the freedom, the peace of mind that you as a woman, a mother, a kick-ass queen deserves!

I’ve been where you are right now.

A few years ago I DECIDED TO TAKE THE LEAP AND START MY OWN BUSINESS… and it freakin’ well changed my life. 

Prior to this, I was a mum trying to find her way in the world, a mum trying to find a career path other than the dreaded nine to five. A mum who was creative, driven, but at times unable to unleash her greatness because it was smothered by a lack of direction and confidence. A mum who wanted more out of life, but wasn’t sure how to get it.

I was THAT mum, and I know many of us are, letting fear and doubt prevent us from taking the driver’s seat to the extraordinary lives we’re destined for.

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As I began to see the potential of running my own business and earning money from my kitchen table or the coffee shop, I somehow found the confidence to run with it, and when the fears presented themselves, I relegated them to the back seat, and kept moving forward.

I threw myself into learning how to grow my biz online – there was this HUGE open space full of amazing people to meet and bring on this journey with me – and I knew social media and the online space was the place to be…

BUT throughout the process I saw many other women floundering, struggling, not able to get past their fear and not knowing how best to use the online space for business growth and profit.

Not to mention my own fears would crop up regularly and I’d have to work damn hard to push through.

Which is when NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) entered my world - and I found a way to reprogram my brain. I learned that our subconscious mind makes 95% of our decisions. NLP works with the subconscious mind, the part that sabotages and holds us back every single damn day…

So I decided to share what I had learned.

If I could do it, I knew others could too, with the right guidance. I had gained the knowledge, through hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars spent on my own learning, growth, evolution and reprogramming, and I’m now in a position to help others, just like you to BREAK THROUGH, and finally get over the bullshit you’re constantly telling yourself so you can have the success you desire.

I do this through helping you grow your online brand for maximum impact, with the practical tools and strategies, along with the mindset hacks for success. Or if you don’t already have a business, or are on the hunt for a second income stream, I also work with an automated education and sales platform that truly gives you the option of the laptop lifestyle.

It’s all for the taking lovely, just make the decision that it’s YOUR TURN, it’s time baby!! I invite you for a virtual cuppa and chat to start planning your future.

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I offer three main services:

~ BOMBSHELL BREAKTHROUGH - A one-on-one personalised 6 week coaching program. Breakthrough your bullshit, overcome limiting beliefs, do away with sabotaging behaviours, overcome fears! As a Breakthrough Coach (Certified NLP & Time Line Therapy Practitioner) we use proven techniques to reprogram your mind to have you loving yourself, feeling fearless and stepping on into becoming the YOU you desire to be.

~ ELEVATE, ENGAGE & ENROL - 4 week program specifically for women in Network Marketing, to uncover your unique superpowers, nail down the message you want to spread to the world, create a beautifully aligned brand for your business and show up on social media with style, attracting your dream team with ease!

~ CREATE YOUR FREEDOM BUSINESS - Not sure where to start online, or looking for an additional income stream? I can support you to start your very own online business from the ground up, with the support of our automated education & sales platform, and take advantage of my personal mindset, business & branding coaching (Hit the ‘Create Your Freedom Business’ link in main menu for details).

Scroll down to see more info on each of the services


~ Work with myself and the team at KH Creative to create your visual brand, logo design, style guides, colour palette, social media kits all the up to a kick-ass website!

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wherever you’re at in your life and business journey, we can help launch you to the next step.

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so, what do you want?

Jess Willman at Kira Hyde Creative

I Want to uncover my unique superpowers and brand Me for maximum impact and online business success.


I want to have a bombshell breakthrough and reprogram my mind for success. I’m done with these limiting beliefs!

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