I'm Jess, and I help women in Network Marketing + Social Selling build their online empires by guiding you to unleash your SUPERPOWERS, PASSION + PURPOSE to elevate your brand, business, bank account and life!

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Is to revolutionise the Network Marketing + Social Selling Industry, one woman at a time. By guiding each individual to embrace her personal power and uniqueness in order to create massive momentum in her business and life. 

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Nicole McClellan

"Wow I have grown so much this week! I'm more confident in who I'm talking to in my posts, and subsequently they are landing better. I'm getting clear on the road to build a successful business. I'm trusting that my creative ways are ok and to try them!

Thank You Jess and team."

Katarina Butigan

"It is very hard in Network Marketing to find groups of women who will help you rise instead of being jealous. Surrounding yourself with women who are likeminded, entrepreneurial and have your back... it's all I can ask for and I do not regret joining the ElevateHER Academy one second!"

Claire Burt

"If you are thinking about this, if you are wanting to do something for you that's going to help you stand out from everyone else... and really learn the practical parts of it (growing your business)... do it! ... thanks to Jess, if it weren't for your amazing programs, I wouldn't be where I am crushing it in biz..."

Rachel Wynne

"So this course has not only helped to teach me a more positive way of looking at the business and how I can really help not only setup my future, but how I can really help other people... and man, does it feel amazing! When you can help other people and see the change that is made for them.."

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