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Jan 07, 2022

Ahhh I dunno about you but I've had a bit of a push and pull with my energy this last couple of days. 

2021 was a freaking huge, hairy, oftentimes really tough, and other times really great year. 

It was my BIGGEST year in my coaching business to date, served over 50 clients, made consistent 5 figure months, hired a team...

It was also the toughest - home-learning children, lockdowns, loss of friendships, weight gain (arghhh), a lot of questioning of who I am and what I really want. 

It was A LOT. 

And now its 2022. But shaking off 2021 and launching on into the New Year without all the junk in my trunk from last year has surprisingly been more difficult than usual. I thought I'd just say see ya later and be done with it, but there's been icky energy hanging about.  

Hmmm... just me? Or have you felt a little of that too? 


What I do know is that the way to work through this ickiness is to cleanse, clear, refocus and reset. 


So here's my steps for shaking it off (in total sassy style like Taylor): 


1. Have a clear out - I'm stripping my office this weekend. Taking EVERYTHING out, throwing out what's no longer needed (do I really need notebooks from that conference 5 years ago?) and only allowing back in what is absolutely necessary or lights up my soul. There will also be some sage burning to ensure all stagnant energy is GONE!


2. Reflection + Forward Planning - Taking the time to reflect on the past years' wins and challenges, celebrating myself, setting new intentions, my core desired feelings for 2022, and the goals I'm gunning for, and having them clearly put up so I can see daily, in my new sparkly, soulful, tidy office. (You can grab my Goals With Soul Guide + Training vid here for just $7 and do the same thing!)


3. Reworking my calendar - A great activity to do at the beginning of the year or even each quarter is to delete EVERYTHING from your calendar and start scheduling things again, starting with YOUR 'ME' TIME. Whether that's your daily walk, meditation, yoga, gym class, journaling. Schedule it in FIRST. Work everything else out around it. 

Consider when you work best - when are you most creative for content creation? When are you more likely to get done the 'boring' tasks? When works best for you for client / team calls? Schedule in a way that's going to work for your energy, motivation, concentration levels. 


4. Reverse Engineer Your Big Goals And Create Bite-Sized Tasks To Bring These To Fruition - Once you've set your goals/intentions for the year (and if you've followed my guide this part will be easy), map out your daily/weekly bite sized tasks you must do to make these happen, and schedule them in your calendar. 


So, lovely,  there's my top 4 tips to getting excited for the New Year and eliminating the risk of carrying any last years junk in your trunk as you move forward!


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See you in there lovely!


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