My Top 6 Lessons To Take You Into 2022

business strategy mindset Dec 22, 2021

Farrkkk what a year! There’s been a hell of a lot of learnings. In business and personally. 


The last 2 years have thrown us a curveball that’s for sure. In all honesty I have ended up burnt out and with my nervous system needing some serious help. Which I’m getting, so all is well!


BUT when I look back, it doesn’t surprise me why I’ve ended up a little (okay maybe a lot) worn out, and while I’m certainly going to make changes in my business and life moving forward, I don’t have any regrets, because the trials and tribulations have shaped me into becoming who I am today, and where my business is today… and where it’s going! 


Not to mention in the past two years I’ve literally launched my business again (when I say again, I mean post-divorce after taking 18 months off), so Jess Willman Coaching 2.0 has been birthed and grown during the pandemic, and I know many of you are in the same boat, having just launched into your biz over this time. 


You couldn’t have chosen a more tumultuous time to build a business… or a more perfect time! As there’s so many more people turning to the online space for purchasing goods, joining communities and so much more. 


If you’ve gained traction, grown positively and are still in the game after the past two years, well you can get through anything babe!  


As I mentioned, there’s been loads of learnings, so I’ve thrown some of my thoughts on paper for you, and here’s the lessons I’m taking away with me, and sharing with you. I trust they’ll support you in your journey to creating a fulfilling, fun and EASY business and life in 2022 and beyond.


#1 - Be YOU

More than ever. I have always encouraged being your unique self, getting vulnerable, sharing the good and the bad. Now more than ever, in this noisy online space it’s so important. That’s how you’ll stand out. 

Working out your unique message and what differentiates you couldn’t be more important. Along with building the confidence to show up and be the REAL YOU. This isn’t a ‘I’ll get to it one day’ thing. It’s a ‘I MUST’ thing to set you on the road to success.


#2 - Find Your Own Way, Follow Your Own Path 

Kinda goes with the above… but here’s the thing…. Don’t be afraid to be different. F*ck The Model (stay tuned this is literally the name of a new program in 2022 I’m launching!). 

When I say ‘model’, I mean the model of your industry, your upline, your coach (even me!) take what works for you, leave the rest. Be BOLD, be BRAVE, work the way that FEELS in alignment for you. We are taught from a young age to follow the model, follow the rules. F*ck that I say! Find your own way babe!


#3 - Have One Main Focus 

One product or product line, one program, that you’re known for. All roads lead to this one thing! Sure there can be different roads leading in (aka strategies - although I suggest ONE MAIN ALIGNED strategy also). But ultimately, just remember, all roads lead to your ONE thing!  

For me it’s ElevateHER Academy, my group coaching program for female network marketers. Even though I offer other small programs, courses or products, I know that ultimately my aim is to bring more people into ElevateHER, it’s my ONE thing! What’s yours?


#4 - Do The Inner Work 

Please don’t be afraid to step into your shadows, to seek your truth. To understand yourself more intimately. To have the conversations with yourself and others that are sticky and hard but that will, inevitably, create a more harmonious life for yourself.  

This is where the magic begins to happen. This is where the true success comes from. This is where we unblock the blockages. Dedicate time each day to some form of self-realisation in order to reach self-actualisation. Do it. Just do it. 


#5 - Give Up Comparisonitis

This is what’s causing you to feel like an imposter, what’s stopping you in your tracks, procrastinating, or doing nothing full stop. 

It goes along with doing the inner work as above. But if nothing else, work on consciously staying in your lane, putting your blinders on and focusing forward, not looking left and right and focusing on what he or she is doing. Believe in yourself, surround yourself with people who believe in you, and follow the above steps and you’ll be immune to comparisonitis!!


#6 - Power Of Proximity

As I said above, surround yourself with people who believe in you! And people who are further along the journey than you. Don’t be the smartest person in the room, get uncomfortable and purposely put yourself in the proximity of people who you can look up to, will challenge you, hold you accountable and inspire you!! 

This is one of the key components of my success this year. And I’ll admit, it hasn’t always been easy! I’ve often felt like a fish out of water AND had to get over my ego (yeah, I have one and she doesn’t always like to not be uncomfortable! But thinking this way is soooo detrimental)!

So there it is lovely, six of my biggest learnings and pieces of advice I can pass onto you to blow up 2022! 


I plan on doubling (minimum - tripling, quadrupling or more) my business in 2022…. How about you? Drop me a line and let me know what your big goals are, I'd love to hear!

If you're serious about creating some epic shiz in your biz in 2022, then I strongly suggest you come join us in ElevateHER Academy - it's the program for women in network marketing, social selling and online business - showing you how to ELEVATE your business FAST!


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And finally, my lovely, here are some affirmations to take on board with you into the New Year: 


🧡 I am confident and worthy 🧡

🧡 I am a money magnet🧡

🧡 I accept money with gratitude 🧡

🧡 I believe in myself and my skills 🧡

🧡 I am surrounded by love and abundance 🧡

🧡 I am deserving of all I desire 🧡


Enjoy these last few days of the year that was 2021 lovely, 

Much love, 
Jess xo 

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