Build a Brand, Not a Business

Mar 22, 2020
Build a Brand, Not a Business

You're not building a business.

You're building a brand.

The brand = the image, the personality that you attach to the business.

Brands build trust, rapport. They create connection.

Brands are not just your logo and fonts and pretty colours... yes that's part of it, but what I'm talking about is your brand VOICE and PERSONALITY.

If you are simply throwing your products and offers out there (your BUSINESS), and not backing it up with a BRAND, you're seriously narrowing your audience. You're missing out on LOADS of people falling in love with you.

Whilst it's important to have your client avatar and target market defined, there's still going to be HUGE variations even in that defined group of people. Not all of them will want the product you're selling right now.

So don't you think it's better to widen your reach, not leave all your eggs in one basket and rather than attract a very small specific audience (who will only stop by you if they're looking for a new eye cream or protein shake in that very moment), but spread your wings and attract a wide, varied audience?

People who may one day like to take you up on your products or offer, but right now aren't looking for an eye cream, or a health supplement or makeup, or a new business.

But they're looking for human connection, they see something in you that resonates with them, that speaks to them, and they take notice.

They begin to follow to, watch you, read your posts, read your emails - because you're interesting! Because you're not just selling selling selling. But rather you're giving giving giving.

You're entertaining, you're thought provoking, you're quirky, you're passionate, you're intriguing.

They connect with you... because they like wine too. Because they can't leave a block of chocolate unfinished either. Because they love wearing yoga pants all day every day too. Because they love to get out in the bush for a run when they're feeling stressed also. Because they believe when they see 11:11 something wonderful is going to happen. Because they're passionate about that cause, or that movement. Because they've suffered from the same anxieties and worries and experienced similar experiences.

They're not going to connect with you, and therefore, you're not going to leave an impression on them if all they ever see of you are the lipsticks you're trying to sell or the supplements you take each day.

Not to mention the fact that there's thousands of others out there selling lipsticks and supplements too, so what makes YOU different.

What makes YOU unique?

What makes YOU you?

What difference do you want to make in the world? What brings tears to your eyes or goosebumps to your skin when you think or talk about it? What makes you laugh? What makes you cry?

Share that.

Remember you're not building a business, you're building a brand. And that brand is YOU.

So be YOU.

Jess xo

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