Stop looking at the price tag and start looking at the COST of doing NOTHING

Nov 05, 2021

There’s money, freedom and all the shiz that dreams are made of ON THE TABLE waiting for you, but you gotta show the Universe you freaking well want it.
Rather than playing this small and scared game.  

What’s with that?
Who made you believe you don’t deserve it?
What bulls#&t lies are you SELLING YOURSELF on daily?  

Telling yourself you can’t afford that, won’t achieve that, will just wait until the retrograde is over and the full moon is in the right sign and the goddamn wind is blowing in the right direction. And all at once while your hold your tongue right. Seriously!

There’s NEVER a perfect time. Well, yes there is… it was yesterday. The next perfect time is TODAY. RIGHT NOW. RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to show up. Do the work. Invest in yourself. Own your uniqueness. Step into your Superpowers. MF’ing own it.  

I’m done. I’m so done with hearing the excuses. The noise. The nonsense. Set higher standards for yourself. Back yourself. Own your awesome.  

It’s never too late, or too early to become MORE OF YOU, and share it with the world to create the life you choose. Thing is… you may think, and you tell yourself that you’re choosing a certain life, you have a level of expectation…  

So, why are you always disappointed? Disappointed because there’s a disconnect.  

You SAY you choose greatness. Yet your actions are mediocre.   So your results scream mediocrity. That’ll be okay with some.  

But is that okay with you? Ready to elevate?  

Now is your time.
Choose it.
Claim it.
Take it.  

You got work to do, magic to create. Stop the excuses and get on with it, okay?  

Where will you be a year from now if you hang on to your excuses?
What is the COST of your procrastination and fear?
What are the REWARDS of INVESTING in yourself and taking a chance?  

Your choice.


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