You get to do it your way, and it gets to be easy.


I designed F*ck The Model for the woman who has been hustling, pushing, running on the treadmill of life and getting NOWHERE fast…. Because she’s been programmed to follow the RULES.


The rules inside the model of the world that she’s unconsciously oathed herself to being a part of…. of being a woman, of business, of the ‘industry’, of the ‘right’ strategy. 


If the treadmill is making you weary, and you know there’s MORE out there than pushing the proverbial uphill, then this is for you.

You, lovely, are here to make a difference, an impact, change the trajectory of yours and others' lives,  right?


I can tell you right now, it won't happen if you're still colouring inside the lines babe!

It's time to unshackle, unravel, undo everything you’ve been thus far moulded into that is no longer serving the person you know you’re meant to be. 

Break free from the MODELS and RULES that have held you hostage.



NOW is the time (not just because we're entering into a New Year, but because it's well and truly YOUR TIME), to...

✨Create the life you desire and damn well DESERVE!

Dream big - get clear on what YOU truly want.

Quit staying small and silent because it’s what society, parents, partner or whoever expects of you.

 ✨Lay the foundations and begin the process of your unveiling. No more waiting. What are you even waiting for? Ducks in a row? Permission? External validation? No more!


✨Stop stopping yourself - overcome the procrastination, fears and doubts.

Back yourself 100%. Build and strengthen your certainty and confidence muscles.

✨Embody Your Vision - Be HER now!

There’s no need to wait any longer to be your true self.

You can Be HER now if you choose to Fuck The Model that has kept you stagnant and stuck in business + life.  

What is the ‘Model’? 

 The ‘Model’ is everything we've been conditioned to believe is the 'right' way to do things. From when we were young:

Get a good education | Get a good job | Have babies  | Abide by gender norms| Be a good citizen


But more to the point as we've grown and developed a yearning for more, we are still locked inside models:

  • Continue to work like a trojan and put your babies in childcare so you and your husband can at least still ‘get ahead’ and create some financial stability in your lives. 


  • Or choose to stay home with the kids and sacrifice getting ahead, struggle week to week. 


  • Go into business to BE different and DO different -  yet you are still stuck following the rules... don't be too much, don't toot your own horn, don't be too different, don't be too controversial, don't be too vulnerable and so on...

It’s about having CERTAINTY within WHO YOU ARE, and how you SHOW UP within your life, your business AND HOW YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY.


It requires you to actually BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. 


Yep, it's that. 

To truly embody what you desire, you also need to know deep down you DESERVE it. 

You are WORTHY of it. 

Otherwise you'll be sitting there cross legged with your candle burning ready to call in your desires, reciting to yourself 'yes I can see it, it feels great' and in the next breath your mind is saying, 'don't be bloody stupid, you'll never create that in your life'....

Sound familiar? 

I ask my community often what it is that’s stopping them from becoming all they desire to become, from having the business they dream of.

And it’s always the same answers - confidence, fears, rejection, not believing in themselves, doubts.


The antidote to all of this is amping up your self-love, self-worth and self-belief meters. To have more CERTAINTY + CONFIDENCE in who you are and what you're capable of.


BUT… here’s the big fat Catch-22 my loves….


Society, the ‘norms’, the model you’ve been brought up under…. has unconsciously programmed you TO STAY SMALL by following the ‘rules’. 

I don't need to read anymore! I'm so ready to F*ck The Model and go ALL IN Jess!

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Let's Goooo!


Starting 2/2/2022 (now there's alignment!)


Fuck The Model consists of 10 modules dropped out to you over a period of 6 weeks.

Modules will consists of a video and/or audio training along with accompanying worksheets, aligned action tasks, journal prompts and whatever else is required. 


Each module is designed to get you into IMMEDIATE action, in order to bring about internal MINDSET + ENERGETIC SHIFTS, ultimately RESULTING in you OWNING YOUR POWER, stepping into CONFIDENCE + CERTAINTY in how you live your life and run your business. 

Module 1:

What Models Are Keeping You Stuck? We dig into YOUR own models that have kept you small, stuck and scared - imprisoned we could say. Let’s shine a light on them.

Module 2: 

Destroy + Uncreate - This is about unshackling, unravelling, undoing everything you’ve been thus far moulded into that is no longer serving the person you know you’re meant to be. 

Module 3: 

START YOUR PERSONAL REVOLUTION! Let’s create the YOU you’re meant to be from the ground up! This is where the real fun begins!

Module 4: 

PERMISSION to be HER Now - Taking the power back to step into BEING the woman who chooses for herself, who is tapped into her intuition, trusting and backing herself like a lioness.

Module 5: 

Breaking down SABOTAGE - we all sabotage ourselves, let’s learn to recognise it and find the clues it leaves us to be fully aligned. 

Module 6: 

The Answers - this is where we tap into our inner truth and take steps to fully believing that YES, the answers are all within YOU. Learning to trust your intuition and back yourself.

Module 7: 

Dealing with the NAY-SAYERS - we all have them, and sometimes they come in the form of the person we sleep next to every night. The good, the bad and the ugly behind unsupportive people in our life.

Module 8: 

BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, BRAND YOU - Confidently  and unapologetically BRAND YOU so you can magnetize your audience and grow a community who love you.

Module 9: 

STAY TRUE to BEING YOU in life and business - How to stay on course, being all of you when the going gets tough.

Module 10: 

HOW TO BE IN AND STAY IN, YOUR SUPERFLOW STATE - We take a look at how you have been blocking your FLOW state, your SuperFlow even, by being such a good girl and following the rules. Let’s get the flow back, baby!


We also have some super exciting and impactful Bonus Modules coming your way. These will be around the WHAT to do on the DAILY to grow your brand + business. Once you're IN, you'll gain full access!

So who am I and why am I talking about F*cking The Model?! 

I'm a coach for women in Network Marketing + Online Biz who are READY to be ACTIVATED into their confidence to step out and create magic in their biz and life!  

But here's the thing, I haven't always been confident and certain around what I do and my unique blend of SuperPowers.... I stayed small for more years than I care to remember. I've been the people pleaser, always needing external validation and permission from someone else.

I stayed stuck and paralysed by fear because I didn't want to rock the boat. Because I didn't want to go against the grain, against the norm.

So I stayed in a constant struggle with being ALL of me, like being all of me was a dirty little secret, and keeping the rest of society happy. 

However, I'm here to show you the way.... because I've been there and overcome it... embraced ALL of me, successfully built an online brand, scaled my network marketing business to the top, and earning six figures in just 12 months and have since dedicated myself to coaching hundreds of women to scale their businesses and become confident leaders and attraction magnets simply by being themselves.

If you're ready to quit playing small and scared, and f*ck the model you've been unconsciously chained to which has stopped you from being ALL of you. Join me and unleash HER!

Hell Yes Jess I'm IN!


No more playing small for me...


To you, the woman in business, network marketing, building an online brand...

To you, who simply knows that to get ahead, to create the money, the life, the love that she’s destined for, it requires UNLEARNING, unshacking, unravelling the beliefs that you must follow the rules, adhere to the model - whatever that model of the world or business is that you’re willingly or unwillingly tied to.

I truly believe this is the MOST IMPACTFUL program I’ve ever put together for the woman in business, the determined, focused, ready for more woman who knows she meant for more in this world but has struggled to take the leap, jump off the edge and fully embrace what she’s made of and destined for. 

Even though it's the MOST IMPACTFUL work I've done, I have priced this program as a no-brainer Hell-YES! 


I was going to price this at $1497, but nope, what felt right was ONLY $888!

Or you can choose to pay in 4 x instalments of $247.


Are you ready to quit playing small and pave your own way babe?